Welcome to the 2nd edition of

AlgoBharat Road2Impact…

A journey that transcends the boundaries of a traditional hackathon or meetup.

Road2Impact begins your relationship with an ecosystem powered by blockchain. Ideate, collaborate and create through training, workshops, office hours, and interactions with the Algorand team.

This is a journey for developers and disruptors to come together to weave the fabric of change by producing groundbreaking solutions in Bharat, for Bharat. We embark on this adventure to push the boundaries of what is possible, harnessing the power of innovation in the world of blockchain. 

The ten winners from 2023 joined the first Algorand Startup Lab at T-Hub, accelerating product readiness, market entry, and funding. The Road2Impact begins NOW with Creating Impact!, a pitch competition culminating in December at the Algorand India Summit which will bring together a diverse community of developers, founders, executives, policymakers, NGOs, investors, and visionary thought leaders under one roof. 

Get ready to unleash your creativity and to join a revolution, fueled by Algorand.

The Road2Impact is officially on. Register today at: bit.ly/AlgoRoad2Impact

Space is limited.


What is the AlgoBharat Road2Impact?

The AlgoBharat Road2Impact will travel through multiple cities in India, culminating in the Algorand India Summit in December 2024. This trail aims to engage the Web3 community and to highlight the transformative potential of blockchain-based solutions. The final round will include the selection of up to 10 teams who will pitch their impactful solutions at the Algorand India Summit and compete for exciting prizes. It promises to be an event that celebrates innovation, fosters collaboration, and propels continued growth of the Algorand ecosystem in India and across the globe.

How many cities will the Road travel to and when?

The Road2Impact goes through …
Delhi: Aug 2
Kolkata: Aug 3
Pune: Aug 6
Bengaluru: Aug 7
Hyderabad: Aug 8
Trivandrum: Aug 10


What kind of activities are lined up during the Road2Impact?

This Road will be filled with activities to educate, inspire, and foster collaboration. It will feature community meetups, live dev rel workshops, virtual bootcamps, project feedback, and other opportunities to improve proficiency in building on the Algorand blockchain. Once past the first round, one-on-one office hours will be conducted, allowing teams to receive guidance, mentorship, and feedback on the solutions they are building.  Our AlgoBharat ambassadors in Delhi, Pune, Kerala, Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Guwahati, Kolkata, Hyderabad, and Bengaluru, will be hosting meetups across India for further collaboration and support.  Be sure to follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn and to check at algobharat.in for regular updates being planned IRL and virtually during the Road2Impact.

What is the proposed schedule for the Road2Impact and Creating Impact! Pitch Competition?

Registration for AlgoBharat’s Road2Impact opens on July 4, and culminates with the Finals of the Creating Impact! Pitch Competition in December.

The initial deadline for project submissions is October 1 and the names of the finalists will be announced on November 3. The selected finalists will have the opportunity to pitch their solutions on the grand stage at the Algorand India Summit. Here is a full breakdown of the timeline with important dates:


  • July 4: Registration Opens for the Creating Impact! Pitch Competition
  • August 2-10: 6 city roadshow including full-day devrel workshop and office hours for India Summit project submissions
  • Aug 26 – Sept 6: AlgoGyaan Learning Sessions
  • Sept 15 – Sept 29: Scheduled Office Hours
  • October 1: Creating Impact! project submission deadline
  • Oct 9: Semifinal selections announced
  • Oct 6 – Oct 27: Scheduled Office Hours
  • Oct 30: Creating Impact! final project submissions due
  • Nov 3: Selections announced for Creating Impact! Pitch Competition Final Rounds
  • Nov 3 – Nov 24: Scheduled Office Hours
  • December: Final Rounds of Creating Impact! Pitch Competition at Algorand India Summit
How do I participate in the Road to Impact?

The first step to participate in the AlgoBharat Road2Impact is to register here.  Details of all IRL events, virtual bootcamps, AMAs, and ultimately the Algorand India Summit will be provided to all registrants.  You can provide your idea or a description of your fully developed Web3 solution when you register.

Can I submit a project individually, or as a team?

While individuals may participate in the Creating Impact! Pitch Competition, we encourage developer teams, founders of startups and companies to apply. The Road2Impact offers a platform for teams to leverage their collective knowledge, skills, and resources in developing innovative solutions on the Algorand blockchain. Whether you are an individual or part of a team, we welcome your participation in our various events and the Creating Impact! Pitch Competition.

What types of projects are eligible for participation?

Registration of interest can happen as early as concept or idea stage, but by the October 1 submission date each team should be on path to a working prototype or a minimum viable product (MVP) that can be demonstrated at the Algorand India Summit in December.  However, a limited number of projects in the ideation stage may be considered based on their uniqueness and potential impact.

Are there any priority areas or focus areas for the projects being selected for the Creating Impact! Pitch Competition?

While participants are encouraged to come up with novel concepts, AlgoBharat has identified a few priority areas which include but are not limited to Financial Inclusion, Sustainability, and Social Equity.  The broad underlying focus is projects with real-world utility that can create a positive social impact.

Are there any guidelines for building the proposed solution/project?

Yes, we request that you adhere to the following guidelines:

  1. Participants are required to build their solutions on Algorand using the Python programming language.
  2. The solution should demonstrate their understanding of Algorand’s capabilities and showcase its integration.
  3. Participants should be able to present key aspects of their solution in three to four concise points. These points should effectively communicate the problem being addressed, the innovative aspects of the solution, and its potential impact.
  4. Participants must adhere to ethical guidelines and ensure that their solutions do not violate any legal, copyright, or intellectual property rights.
Where can I access developer resources?

Developer resources can be found here. As part of the AlgoBharat Road2Impact, regular dev rel office hours and bootcamps will be conducted to provide valuable support and guidance to participants. These office hours will offer dedicated time for participants to seek assistance, ask questions, and receive mentorship from experts in the Algorand ecosystem. Additionally, we will be holding IRL workshops and meetups in multiple cities over the next two months.

Where can I ask technical questions?

For technical questions, participants can join the designated #dev-questions channel in the AlgoBharat Discord server. This channel will be dedicated to addressing technical queries related to the event.

Are there prizes for the winners?

YES! The top three winners will receive prizes. More details will be announced soon. 

Can I enter the same project in AlgoBharat if I participated in a previous hackathon?

Yes, you may enter the same project presented in a previous hackathon or competition so long as it meets the above-mentioned guidelines.

Are travel and accommodation expenses covered by the organizers for the AlgoBharat Road2Impact?

Participants are responsible for their own expenses during the Road2Impact.  AlgoBharat will cover travel and lodging expenses for the teams selected to pitch at the Algorand India Summit in December.

What happens if a participant violates the rules or engages in misconduct?

The organizers reserve the right to disqualify any participant or team found to be in violation of the rules or in violation of any legal, copyright or intellectual property rights or engaged in any form of misconduct. AlgoBharat is committed to creating an inclusive and respectful environment for all participants.